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Sri Sunil Gondhalekar

Sunil Gondhalekar is a Mechanical Engineer by training and worked in that capacity for many years during his early phase of career. Apart from highly respected Astrologer and research scholar, he is also an entrepreneur, publisher, trainer, writer and above all very humble and down to earth person.

Around 1970 he started studying Vedic Astrology by reading books by veteran Vedic Astrologers like Somanshastri, Dwarkanath Raje, Y K Pradhan, Nawathe etc. Soon he became famous as an Astrologer, right from the beginning he demonstrated his analytical ability, research attitude all that reflected in his uncanny abilities to predict with high degree of accuracy.

In the course of time he acquired many prestigious titles and honors in Vedic Astrology such as Jyotish Pravin, Jyotish Pradnya, Jyotish Visharad, Jyotish Alankar and Jyotish Maharshi just to mention a few.
He is a regular contributor to many leading Astrological periodicals.

In late 1979 he got introduced to Shri Jyotindra Hasabe (Krishnamurthy of Maharashtra) who pointed Sunil Gondhalekar towards KP Astrology and also provided some initial guidance. 

With a great curiously Sunil Gondhalekar started with KP and soon there was no turning back. In those days KP resources were very limited but with what so ever resources were available Sunil Gondhalekar mastered this theory in no time and soon become a famous KP astrologer perhaps more famous than he was as a Vedic Astrologer. By 1990 he got so much into KP Astrology that he almost stopped practicing Vedic Astrology and switched over to KP and KP only. But he didn't abandon Vedic Astrology; in fact he is famous for blending both these Astrology practices. Apart from Vedic and KP he has done some research on the effects of Outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) and skilfully uses these outer planets in chart analysis. 

Around 1990, Sunil Gondhalekar got an inspiration from a series of articles 'Sub lord Speaks' on KP, which Sunil Gondhalekar explored further and soon invented a theory called as 4 Step Theory. 4 Step Theory though based on KP Astrology is distantly different in approach and in some respect better than original KP Astrology. 

The biggest benefit of 4 Step Theory is removing reliance on ruling planets. Every KP Astrologer has to use ruling planets one day or other and soon he or she realizes that the concept of Ruling planets on which KP depends so heavily is nothing but an another form of intuition and naturally not everybody is blessed with intuitive powers (and even those who claim to have such powers, it is also observed that it is not available to them every time or on demand) . Unfortunately in KP nothing works if Ruling Planets fail! 

Sunil Gondhalekar is author of several books on 4 Step Theory such as Vivah Yog, Nakshatra Prabha, Nakshatra Sandesh etc. He has his own publishing house under which he regularly publishes biannual magazine ‘Naksjstrabche deve ‘ in Marathi, he has published books from other notable authors through his publishing house. As a true mentor, he encouraged his students to write books/articles and share knowledge and experiences of 4 Step Theory and in the recent past couple of such books are already been published.

Sunil Gondhalekar is not only an Astrologer but an expert teacher or Guru, He regularly conducts workshops on 4 step theory all over India and has so far trained thousands of students all over India.

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Sunil Gondhalekar 4 Step Theory inventor


109, Godavari, Laxmi Indl.Complex, Vartak Nagar, Thane-400606
Tel.No:   (022) - 25888179


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