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Colourful Pile of Old Books

Latest Issue of J.A.S.A Jul-Sep 2017

Our old website is now discontinued because we have exhausted our server hosting space due to huge readership of JASA from all over the world having more than 39000+ readers.


So, now JASA is now completely online without the burden on you to download the large PDF file. Furthermore, you can read and download the article of your choice or simply 'click and read' the author of your choice. If you like, you can also download that particular article as a short PDF file.


So, JASA is now flexible international stellar astrology journal much like the other reputed international astrology journals from the USA and UK. No other journals or emagazines in India has ever done it.


JASA has created history once again!! Other emagazines will soon follow JASA like before.


JASA is released on every July, October, January and April.



Click on each of the article title below.

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