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LOKPA is now yours

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Its been almost 10 years that I have been dreaming to make a software like LOKPA and make it available for all. The price became high because there are coders, developers a large team of people who also had to be employed and therefore paid. I only know astrology so I can give my knowledge free into the software but all other things, the world charges a price. But I hope that you are now happy with the look and feel of the software, the calculations, the output.

This is just the beginning my friend, just the beginning of LOKPA. We will march ahead with such great features of LOKPA the whole world will remain bewildered with surprise.

Keep on visiting this site periodically as we will discuss things here that will not be discussed out side because you are the VIP Member and I will personally be discussing about LOKPA and its features and taking suggestions for improvement from you.

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