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Guidelines of this Forum

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

1. This is an elite group of members. All members of this forum are registered buyers of the LOKPA software. So we are like a family. And as a family, our first and foremost responsibility is to maintain DIGNITY and RESPECT for all members--junior, senior, new, old or anyone.

2. This is a forum for learning. So, we will encourage constructive posts, posts that help others to learn KP astrology as well as how to use the most advanced, Artificial Intelligence driven KP astrology software like LOKPA. We will learn from master, international KP superguru--Dr. Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit) and also from all other members.

3. We will also welcome posts on LOKPA software issues or problems. If there is any problem you are facing as the user of LOKPA, then you can post that problem in this forum and we will all try to give a solution to that problem.

4. If you spot any technical issue with LOKPA, you can point it out and our software development team will immediately take it up. This will lead to update patch creation and all of you will get the update patch FREE of cost.

5. This is also an announcement forum. Any new feature getting created, any new update or upgrade will be announced here first and you will be the privileged VIP members to get it first and use it.

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Mohammad Mahmud Khan
18 nov 2020

Excellent software, running well, I need to know some thing and once I have send an email but no response, so please let me know where to send email to ask Mr Dutta or any other related person.


Mi piace

28 feb 2019

I got an error named as fatal error "failed to execute script test". Please give me suggestion how to solve this problem

Mi piace

02 ott 2018

Thank you Dr. Dutta for this software. This software actually creates a whole new kind of astrology, meta KP. I queried my own chart, as if I was asking myself questions about myself. It felt weird. I think you have done something great by creating software that can respond to questions.

Mi piace

01 ott 2018

Thank you much sir  for this opportunity

Mi piace

29 set 2018

Dear professor

thanks for giving us beautiful software. is there any option to check events to confirm for BTR tool.

thanking you sir

Mi piace
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